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On facing personal and ministry challenges I often contemplated giving up workplace ministry. In order to grow the ministry I often faced the temptation to water down the Christian commission or focus less on His word. Workplace ministries that desire God’s life giving work to be realized through it, versus mere production value, should aspire to love God and His word above all.


When discouragement, desire to grow, cultural influence or self exaltation begins to trivialize our submission to God’s word, His rejection of King Saul should come as a cautious reminder: “Behold to obey is better than sacrifice...”. (1 Samuel 15:22) 


My prayer for all workplace ministries is the following heart posture: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30)

We met Rijo when Roy spoke at one of the first Passion Talks gatherings at Google. He remains a faithful partner of Faith & Work Movement. After leaving Google, Rijo asked us to refer him to a Christian group at his new company, VMware. We reached out to our network and we were referred to a woman who previously led a Bible Study there but had left the company to work with a non profit. Not finding an active workplace fellowship there he prayed with us about launching a new fellowship believing that if we were able to share the good news of Jesus there, others would be drawn to join the fellowship. Members of the original fellowship found Rijo's calendar invite. He faithfully led the and found others leaders who shared his passion to lead with him. Together they hosted prominent Christian speakers to encourage their fellowship at work. Rijo and his lovely wife Kait also founded the ministry Gospel for Bay.

For me...

"Loving my co-workers compels me to magnify Jesus as the most glorious and most satisfying reality in this fallen world."

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