I always thought I'd be a pastor or a missionary. Then I felt God call me to be a light in the workplace. I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but as I sat in my dorm room in South Carolina at the end of my senior year, I read an article about Google and knew that was where I was supposed to go. I booked a one way flight to Silicon Valley with a bit of money I'd saved up from graduation. I interviewed and just before my savings ran out, Google hired me - God is faithful! Right from the start, I began sharing the Good News with my coworkers and friends in tech - over meals, in the way I approached work and money, by having coworkers over to my home to spend time with my family...(Colossians 4:5-6). I've found myself most fulfilled helping other people connect with God's love - and I've seen time and again that you can do that in an office. God knows no boundaries, neither should our witness.  

Daniel has been a friend of our ministry to the workplaces since Faith & Work Movement's inception. He welcomed us to partner with him in his mission at work and to form a weekly prayer meeting with five other Googlers who shared his vision and passion for integrating faith and work. Daniel co-hosted and spoke at our first inter-company Workplace Worship Night in the Silicon Valley. He dedicated the day before this gathering to prayer and fasting believing that God "was on the move" and that he was looking for movement makers to partner with him as he brought spiritual vitality to the world shaping companies of the Bay Area. Daniel consistently demonstrates the importance of intentionality in how we view our workplace. In a recent virtual gathering of leaders in the marketplace, he asked, "What if we saw our work as our mission?...."

For me...

"Faith and work Integration means being on mission in the workplace."