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Days after I began work on my first large team contribution, a senior engineer casually informed me that he completed my task over the weekend because he had some extra time. Fuming, I wanted to tell him how inconsiderate and selfish he was. 

Somehow, Jesus reminded me that he deserved everything good but was given humanity's worst ultimately for the purpose of saving many people including me. Humbled and called to seek reconciliation, I was able to have an open and honest conversation with my partner that proved to be foundational to what would become a great friendship and professional partnership.

 Faith & Work Movement appreciates our ongoing partnership with Grant. Roy met Grant as we were helping to catalyze and renew a workplace fellowship at LinkedIn. Grant was one our early speakers as we gathered our network together. He spoke about how  we display Christ in our workplace when we LOVE OUR COWORKERS.  We are grateful for the example and leadership Grant and others have given to this workplace. Grant encouraged and help propel our work in San Francisco. We are grateful for his vision for faith and work and his service to us over the years. He leads a workplace fellowship at his company and also currently serves as part of our Advisory Board. 

Integrating my faith at work means...

The God of the Bible creates, helps, and heals. I see my job as a chance to do the same.