After being in the workplace for 15 years, God began to stir me to better integrate my faith with my career. Initially, I thought this meant I should use my expertise to benefit a Christian organization. But then I was rejected by several Christian institutions and could not secure a position at an organization that was overtly religious. I reluctantly accepted a position at an insurance company instead. There God led me to use my professional expertise as an HR attorney to assist a group of employees in forming a Christian employee resource group.

Beyond that, God has done a great work in me through this process so that I now understand what it means to engage in redemptive work in my organization and to truly love others in the workplace.


Today I look for ways to advance equity in my organization and in my community. I can see that God led me into employment law and gave me the experiences and the interests I have, which center on equality and opportunities for all people -- people of faith, those who are racially diverse, individuals who did not have the same economic advantages, our disabled community, etc. My faith drives me to seek redemption and healing of the brokenness and inequalities that exist in our organizations and our neighborhoods. 

Our Christian employee resource group provides me with the support network to do this work, and sometimes the ERG is the vehicle for advancing equity to address the needs around us. God reached me through my work and took me into a deeper relationship with Him. Now He is showing me how to manifest my love for others through my work. 


Faith and Work Movement appreciates all of the ways that Julia has helped people to feel psychologically safe in the workplace, whether they identify with their faith or they are interacting with people that do. Her experiences in diversity leadership and expertise in employment law made her an excellent choice to help Zurich navigate the waters of creating a group where Christians felt free to express their beliefs and HR felt comfortable with the ways that the new faith group would respect and interact with those who did not share those same tenets. Our partnership with Julia began when she facilitated a training session at the Work and Faith Workshop on ERG formation. She is part of our Chicago F&WM City Catalyst team, hosted our last Chicago gathering, and continues to help lead the GoodNews ERG group in her company

Integrating my faith and work means...

"Today I'm looking for opportunities to pursue redemption and the healing of brokenness in our workplaces."