From 2009 to 2014, I fellowshipped with the best educated PhD’s on the West Coast, and when we met up, it was hardly any different from other church gatherings. On the band stand, I prayed that we ought to see those sitting around us as more than just the research scientists and graduate students we were. The advancements we steward may put us in places of influence, advising kings and queens or leading the strategies for natural disaster and pandemic relief. It’s not that we ought to elevate ourselves to the positions of Joseph, Esther, and Daniel, but that we are humbly faithful and able to shine.

We are so thankful for S. Chen's continued passion for the workplace and technology. She has stewarded her gifts and passions in the field of AI and Machine Learning. We met her when she was catalyzing worship nights and Passion Talks -- as an intern at Google! She founded Passion Talks, an annual gathering of intellectual faith with a goal of having a humble dialog about faith and the passions that ignite our interests, intellects, and careers. Through Academic Bridges, she serves the global world with teaching and learning opportunities. F&WM partnered with her and her friends to help coordinate the first 12 Hours of Worship at Google. Our shared desire to be connected and united to body of Christ has linked us to believers around the world. We are grateful to her and her husband for serving on F&WM's Advisory Board.

My Passion....

I long for a world where we love with the fullness of our hearts and minds, where understanding is love and complexity is beautiful.