God gifted me a change of heart from life “with” God to life “for” God via a literal heart transplant. He since called me to establish PayPal's Interfaith Employee Resource Group - Believe.

Promoting the right to religious freedom and the ability to bring your whole self to work starts in our companies. I believe the private sector is best resourced and best positioned to solve the problems facing our world today, including religious intolerance.


Change your company, change your community, change your country, heal the world.

When we first met Becky, she was part of a small, ad-hoc Bible study that met weekly on Thursdays. This was a safe place for Christians and seekers to gather and either deepen or explore faith in Jesus. It was clear right from that first meeting that Becky had dreams of expanding that space and making it available to all of her coworkers - even those who did not share her faith convictions. When the new outdoor amphitheater was under construction she dreamt of a day when it would be a platform for sharing good news to others. This became a reality when, to the delight of her coworkers, the Amani Children's Choir from Uganda brought songs of joy and stories of God's blessing to their new amphitheater stage! Her vision of a company supported faith initiative was also realized when PayPal launched their new  Believe ERG. She was starting the process of forming PayPal's Believe group when she joined us at the Vision for Work Retreat for workplace fellowship leaders. One year later, as the new ERG group was coming to full fruition, Becky shared from her experiences to encourage other leaders who felt called to create faith-based Employee Resource Groups in their companies. 

Something that inspires me...

"I knew our workplace Christian group was on mission when a member thereof said just a few months after we began meeting weekly for fellowship and prayer, "Coming to work each day used to be just a job for me. Now I love coming to work."