F&WM's Advisory Board


Andrew is the Engineering Manager for a team of engineers serving Global Operations at Facebook. Prior to this, he was the Co-Founder and CTO of FinTech Startup and an Engineering Manager at LinkedIn. Andrew is Purdue alumni with 12+ years experience in engineering management, web and mobile development at scale. Andrew is passionate about God’s word and faith and work integration. He holds certificates from RZIM’s Bible, Ethics, and Core Modules. He currently serves as the Global and Local Interfaith Leader for Christians@FB. When he was at LinkedIn, he also served as the ERG Faith Leader. He now resides in Austin with his beautiful wife Melissa and his two children.



Currently, Sherol is working on applied research in AI-enabled believable characters for the Stadia gaming platform at Google. Sherol Chen was an advocate for Machine Learning on Google Cloud, and has worked in Research at Google Brain for Machine Learning in Music and Creativity on the Magenta team. She's taught Artificial Intelligence at Stanford and around the world in six different countries. Her PhD work is in Computer Science, researching storytelling and Artificial Intelligence at the Expressive Intelligence Studio.  Sherol also leads Passion Talks, an intellectual faith movement that seeks to answer both why and how to live for a better world. Her husband Jon works as a software engineer.



Christeen is a daughter of the Most High King, a committed follower of Jesus intent on pursuing a vision found in Proverbs 11:10 (NIV), “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.” Belief in the unique role business can play to help set right things that are broken and bring flourishing in our communities fuels her life’s work. Christeen has 8+ years in the tech industry, with expertise launching new products and customer experiences in new markets from strategy through execution, Christeen currently serves on the Advisory Board of Faith and Work Movement Global, the Office of Innovation at Biola University, the Lausanne Movement Global Workplace Ministry, and is the founder of the Dream Bigger Manila entrepreneurship program for Filipino youth.



Christy serves as the Employer Brand Manager for North America at Facebook and co-leads the Christians@FB group. Her passion is to encourage millennials to fully realize and live out their faith at work. Christy lives in the Silicon Valley and engages with many ministries on her corporate campus and beyond. God has put a few passions on Christy’s heart: 1) to encourage believers to walk in our identity and authority as Sons and Daughters of God at work, 2) to leverage marketing and technology to share the love of Jesus with unreached people groups across the world, 3)to encourage other singles in the gift of singleness, walking in the fullness of all that God has for our time and gifts.



Grant is a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn. He has been one of the faith leaders for the inChrist workplace group at his corporate campus for several years. His passions include reconciliation in the workplace, basketball, and adventuring outdoors. He recently began both a blog and podcast. Grant partnered with us to help grow the SF city team driving north early in the morning to pray with our SF catalyst group. He also serves as a small group leader in his church. He is a graduate of Cornell university where he met his wonderful wife Michelle and together they have a dog named Benji.

F&WM's Founders


Roy and Esther 

In both Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Roy served in cross-cultural, and multi-ethnic contexts. Roy’s passion is to catalyze ministries and maximize leaders. He currently also pastors Compass, a missional community church plant. Roy holds an an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller, and an M.Div equivalency from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Esther has served in the Public Education sector for most of her career. She has held various roles including an instructor, specialist, curriculum writer, and most recently Educational Technology Coach. She currently also directs operations for F&WM. She holds a BA in Economics and Business and an Masters in Education, both from UCLA. Roy and Esther are joyfully married and have raised three children in the Bay Area.