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Join a Group

Attending one of our events is the best way to connect with us personally and to find out more about our ethos. We value relationships. Follow us on eventbrite or on our socials.

Start a Group

Starting a group can feel like a daunting task. We are here to help you and want to come alongside the journey. Get in touch with us. Here is a resource to get started. 

Lead a Group

If you lead an existing group in your company or an inter -company group, we want to introduce you to our networks. Contact us and use this resource. 

For ERGs

Since starting, the rise in faith based Employee Resource Groups has grown tremendously in many companies. We have worked with leaders who know this process in many companies. Please contact us so we can help you as you plan and connect you with a supportive community.  


If you are in the marketplace and are in a city that does not have a current F&WM network and you would like to help catalyze one. Please reach out to us. Find out more on our city network page.

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