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Bring Your Best Self To Work
Silicon Valley is home to the international tech giants. From this starting point to the major cities of the world, the Faith & Work Movement seeks to impact companies that impact the world and to equip those in the marketplace to bring their best self to work. We do this by serving workplace groups. Join us! 
Roy Tinklenberg, Silicon Valley, impacting companies that impact the world


If you are called to the marketplace and want to be a part of this growing movement of faith in the workplace, join us! 

Attend an Event in one of our cities

These events give you an opportunity to connect with others who share a similar heart like yours for the workplace. It's a great way to be in community!  

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Join or Create a Workplace Group

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Having a workplace group can change the way you see your work. What seems like a difficult and hard place to be can be transformed into a place where you are engaged. 

Pray & Support

Prayer is essential for this work, for the every day.

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I want to see the marketplace changed and for renewal to happen. So I pray and give! 

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