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We Create.  We Coach.  

We Connect.  We Catalyze



We create workplace groups, we coach leaders, connect the marketplace community, and catalyze cities. We host events to help individuals and communities in the largest publicly traded companies to learn about faith and work integration, to grow in a deep understanding of their work, to network with other like minded people and form a fellowship of believers around the world.

While you may be an individual in your company that wants to integrate your faith and work, you may not know the other individuals in another company around the block that think the same way you do. We know them and are ready to help you come together. It’s also unlikely that you may have influence over a different company in another city, but we know a network of leaders in that city and want to connect you with them. That is the beauty of our Faith & Work Movement. We are this collective, this fellowship of workplace believers, and you can be part of that. 


We work with a team of wonderful people from various cities and have the unique privilege of walking alongside of those called to the marketplace. As we journey with these leaders, we have seen many of their groups form into workplace fellowships and some continue on to become fully recognized ERGs. 


We love being a part of a growing movement of faith in the workplace! 

Join the Movement of Faith in the workplace

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