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A Workplace Liturgy

A Workplace Liturgy

Almighty God, we thank You for Your work and power at our company. You alone can heal our world, redeem our work from meaninglessness, and save the souls of our coworkers.

Thank You for our jobs, and for all the resources and benefits they bring. Make us wise and generous with our wealth as good stewards of what you’ve given us.

For our founders, the executive team, the Board, and all senior leaders: That they would know You, and lead the company in a spirit of wisdom, charity, and justice.

For our customers and company alumni: We pray that You would provide for them as they turn to You.

For our cities: That they would be known as a place where Your Kingdom is made manifest. We pray for justice, human flourishing, and an end to Satan’s destructive rule.

For our world: That You would glorify Yourself in our leaders and our churches. We pray that You would heal divisions, fears, loneliness, and depression.

For our coworkers: that they would know Your Son and His all-surpassing peace. Show us how we can love them like Jesus this week. We lift their names and needs up to You now.

[pray for coworkers or friends God is bringing to mind]

For us and all other Christians at our company, that we would be:

Sustained in our health,

effective in our work,

bold in our witness,

blessings to whatever we are a part of, [continued next page]

and ever-focused on You

[prayers for ourselves]

By the blood of Your cross,

Redeem our work,

Remove our anxieties,

Bring light to our darkness,

Restore our fellowship,

And send your Spirit.

May our work not be idolatrous or consuming, but be an offering of praise to You, our Creator, Sustainer, and King.


Created by a Company Workplace Leader, C. Mead


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