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Prayer for Character in the Workplace

As we pray for you in the marketplace today, we affirm the Lord’s unique calling on you and your vocation. May the prayer below remind you WHO you are and WHOSE you are. Whatever role you play - wherever God has assigned you right now, whatever industry and title, in the past, present, or future - we remind you that you are chosen for “such a time as this.” God has called you into the modern day palaces of our modern day kingdoms.

Because you have such a worthy purpose, we pray for you to live a “Coram Deo” life - the Latin term means “Face of God." The One who called and continues to call you invites you to live every day, every hour, every minute, and every moment before His Face and in His Presence.

“You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (v. 9). - 1 Peter 2:9

In Christ, you are part of the royal priesthood. As believers, each of us who trusts in Jesus has free access into His presence. We are called to be ambassadors. All of our lawful vocations are set apart for true God honoring service. Therefore, we stand by your side and ask the Lord to grow in you the Biblical qualities stated in this prayer. Wherever you are working in the marketplace - whatever sector and industry - we invite you to pray with us.


We pray for the faith of Abraham, when facing new teams, new projects, new jobs, or uncertainty, to trust God when He says go.

We pray for the wisdom of Solomon to fill your minds. We pray for you to have insight now and into the future. May you be equipped to wisely approach the problems our world faces. May you ask, as Solomon did, for God to give you discernment between good and evil. We pray He would grant you wisdom and understanding beyond all measure.

We pray for the leadership of Moses to be with you so you may lead others well. We pray for you as teammates, team leaders, business leaders, family leaders, managers, and C-suite leaders, that you will meet with God face to face, and God will speak to you as his friend.

We pray for the ingenuity of Bezalel and Oholiab, who, being gifted by the Holy Spirit as craftsmen, built the holy, gold articles of the tabernacle. So too, we pray that you can bring creativity to your daily tasks, great thinking to the projects yet to come and purposefulness to your teams through all kinds of God given skills. We pray that our heavenly Father would fill you with the Spirit of God, with understanding and knowledge for the benefit of the products and projects you are stewarding.

We pray for the long-suffering of Job for each person who has faced personal suffering, so that you may say with Job that the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away…and in all this … not charge God with wrongdoing and come out of the trials refined as gold.

We pray for the “rest” of Elijah. We pray that when you feel tired and alone and face a sea of disbelief that God will minister to you and feed you like he cared for Elijah. May He remind you that you are not alone. There are others who, like you, have not bowed to the gods of this age.

We pray for the confidence of David, that when you feel you are facing giants and terrible odds in your work, your God will use what you have, your small stones and big faith, to defeat them.

We pray for the boldness of Obidaiah, who was King Ahab’s right hand man, who dared hide the prophets away in caves and fed them, under the King’s nose and in defiance of the King’s wrongful orders in order to protect those who served the Lord.

We pray for the courage of Esther so when you face those in authority in your companies, you would be able to take your place in the palace, not for your own protection, but for the sake of others. May you understand that you are called “for such a time as this.”

We pray for the favor of Mordecai, for you to be acknowledged for your good works through the hidden acts of God, who will reveal your activity to those in key roles so they will want to uphold you.

We pray for the integrity of Daniel for each of you who are facing decisions and seek serve your employer well. We pray that you would stand firm when needed as Daniel did. For example, when the law dictated that he could not pray to God, Daniel continued to pray to the Lord, as he had always done, even when the consequences for doing so were severe.

We pray for you to be surrounded by friends like Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego, a friendship in the community of corporate workplaces so that each of you would have others who are willing to go through the fire with you.

We pray for the perseverance of Joseph for those who feel forgotten, mistreated, but stand in righteousness. We pray you would know that though man meant it for evil, God will mean it for the good of many.

We pray for the concern of Nehemiah, as you walk through your corporate campuses, your offices, your homes, that you may passionately desire to restore people to the Lord. We pray for protection from those who would like to hinder you.

We pray for the humility of John the Baptist so when you face questioning and conflict, you can proclaim the way of the Lord, you can decrease and Christ can increase within you and you can embrace being the least of these to others.

We pray for you to have the boldness of the midwives, in the time of Jesus’s childhood, who because they feared the Lord and not man, saved all the Hebrew boys from being killed by King Herod.

We pray for the dedication and discipline of Anna the widow, who prayed continuously before the Lord.

We pray for the willingness of Mary, to accept an assignment from the Lord, and say yes, despite the consequences.

We pray for the love and servanthood of Christ, who laid down his life for not only His friends, but also for his enemies. May you love and serve your coworkers in your workplace as He loves and serves you.

May we hear the Lord say to each of us, as He did to Daniel through the Angel Gabriel - “You had no sooner started the prayer when the answer was given. And now I’m here to deliver the answer to you. You are much loved!” - Daniel 9:23,The Message

In the Mighty Name of Jesus,


Esther Yeh Tinklenberg

24 Hour Day Global Prayer Day for the Workplace


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